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Well, this time around I was aware that Inktober existed so I gave it a shot. I only managed to create 11 sketches out of the supposed 31 (most of which have been uploaded to my Instagram account (…) :P However, I'm not ashamed of the meagre number since some of those drawings were actually a lot of effort (e.g. Cat Beard and Welcome to Isengard - The University of Birmingham) plus I entered a few art competitions. Not to mention working 2 part time jobs (I dropped a 3rd because it was getting a bit much ;P). Not to mention the Halloween parties :P. I hammered out some quality stuff that I was proud of in the end along with some silly things that amused me that were in my head for a long time. And along the way I think I got a little more practice using the pentel brush pen and general art practice I otherwise wouldn't have. Hopefully the art will be bigger and better next year!

Onwards, completely unprepared to hopefully actually attempt Nanowrimo this year!
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Long time no see!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2016, 10:07 AM

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around in a long time. Life has been keeping me very busy lately so I'm sorry I haven't been particularly responsive if you have commented on my work or tried to communicate with me. Thank you to all the lovely people who gave me birthday wishes! It was incredibly sweet of all of you!

So basically, the reason I haven't been here much is that I actually did it - I moved to England. It's a lot more difficult than I hoped it would be - I am finding it hard to get full time employment to support myself. At the moment I kind of have three part time jobs - one as a waitress, one as a sales assistant in a stationary shop and one as a lab rat for a University (I get experimented on by psychology students :P). I try to spend other time applying for other jobs - but to be honest I spend most of that time procrastinating from applying for other jobs because I hate job applications. You're repeating the same shit all over again and I get intimidated by job descriptions because I never feel I'm competent or qualified enough for the role. Job rejections can be demoralising.

Anyway, with all the procrastination and job applications I haven't felt that I have deserved to spend time on DA. However, I do have some obligations to fill out! Here are the winners for the Gender Bender Fairytale Contest! Congratulations to all of you!

Beginner Winners!

T R O Y A by katherine-lemus

Mad House of a Mad Hatter by LaLaMora

Jane and the Beanstalk by Branka-Johnlockian

Intermediate Winners!

Thor and Loki: Nine Realms by FrostAlexis

Peter Pan Gender Bender by LeenaHill

Midgard by itznikki530

Advanced Winners!

Saint Georgine by Rowye

Ruler of the sea by Twinkle-space

The Poisoned Apple by kimsol

Honourable Mentions


Pinocchia by Mvicen

Neptunia - Queen of the seas by RavienneArt

Spindle,Shuttle and Needle (Gender Bender Version) by Renata-s-art


Gender Bender Contest - Jasmine by niyya00

Love At First Strike by brillgk

The Beautiful Dreamer by Energiaelca1


Weles and Perun - Gender bender contest by msriotte

Pussycat In Boots by Lora-Vysotskaya

Leda by Aramisdream

Hi Everyone!

So for the first time in over 12 years (since this piece I believe  Passion Flower by Charlene-Art ) and I felt like using oil pastels again. I've been inspired by some of the really cool techniques of some of the oil pastel artists on this site, such as:

Calla Lillies and Butterfly by the-bumble-bee-one Sea Turtle by the-bumble-bee-one From a notebook, May 24 by lauraverde From a notebook, July 3 by lauraverde From a notebook, November 16 by lauraverde Wolves by MaryAliceArt Moon #1 by MaryAliceArt Its a hoot by devonhants From a notebook January 9 (2) by lauraverde

Unfortunately, as it turns out, oil pastels do in fact expire, or harden up. So I ended up with this:

Hansel - He's So Hot Right Now by Charlene-Art

Any ways I can improve on this piece?

My memory of the oil pastels is certainly different to what it felt like using them now. Over 12 years ago when I used these Faber Castell oil pastels they were easy to blend and felt like silk when I applied them to the paper. This time around they didn't feel as vibrant or easy to apply to the paper. Perhaps I should have used up the oil pastels a lot sooner - this is what I get for jumping around from medium to medium :P Maybe next time around I shouldn't get Faber Castell pastels? I am seeing a lot of talk about Sennelier ones on Youtube.

Questions for oil pastel artists:

1.  Which brand of oil pastels do you recommend?

2. Can you do a layer of cheap oil pastels and then just use the expensive ones on top? Or do the cheap layers on the bottom somehow affect the layers on top? What do cheap pastels mean in terms of long-term achival-ness (Is that even a word? If not what is the right word in this context?)

3. What are some cool techniques with oil pastels you use?

4. I don't want to waste my 12 year old set of oil pastels. Is there a way to revive them at all?

5. Know of any other awesome inspiring oil pastel work? Feel free to put links to them down below!

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Short Challenge 19 Winners!

Sat Feb 6, 2016, 5:57 AM

Congratulations to the very worthy winners!

1st Place:
King Frog and the Magic flowers by adrianamusettidavila by adrianamusettidavila

Other works by adrianamusettidavila include:
Two worlds by adrianamusettidavila Autumn by adrianamusettidavila Light and dark by adrianamusettidavila

Winners as picked by Jury:

I Feel Good by Lora-Vysotskaya 

by Lora-Vysotskaya

Other pieces by Lora-Vysotskaya:
Detached Duty by Lora-Vysotskaya
 On The Edge by Lora-Vysotskaya

Other Jury Winner:
The Enchanted Flute by marcosnogueiracb
by  marcosnogueiracb

Other pieces by marcosnogueiracb include:
Red Riding Hood II by marcosnogueiracb
 Magical key by marcosnogueiracb

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I prefer comments, not llamas

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 24, 2016, 5:38 AM
So, as a form of procrastination I spend way too much time on DA commenting on other people's deviations until I get a notification that DA thinks I'm spamming people so I stop, take a rest and start doing it again. As a result of commenting and faving so much I get quite a few llamas. I thank everyone who gives me llamas as a thank you - but to be completely honest I would prefer a return of the favour such as a look into my gallery and some comments or constructive criticism about my work. Admittedly, I myself have used the llama when I've run out of things to say or ways to say thank you - but still, I think it's one of those useless DA inventions that don't really mean anything. As a minor, unimportant announcement I probably won't personally thank people for llamas anymore. What are your thoughts on the llama?

On another note, I just got my core membership extended and points for participating in Critmas! I'd like to thank the lovely people who run it and I encourage everyone to participate next year!  Critmas 2015: The ResultsHello all!
Apologies for the lateness of this, I should have done this a few weekends back but things are just so busy at the moment and I like to give these things a bit of focus! Firstly, I want to offer a huge thank you to everyone who has got involved this year- the environment that deviantART has now created has made things like this harder and harder to be successful and I have felt the struggle for this this year. It is good to see there are still people around who believe and get involved in events such as this.
2015 Stats
:star: 208 Critiques 
:star: 12 wonderful participants
:star: Highest person achieved 48 critiques (RogueMudblood retaining the same title from 2014!)

The prizes have been split at random. This wasn't a contest about the in depth quality of critiques, it was a challenge to spread joy by giving. 

If you have donated a prize, please ens

As some of you may have noticed I've changed my avatar :) I've finally settled on my logo/watermark/signature!

I still haven't had much luck in getting a job in Oz so it looks like I'm gonna try plan B - moving to the UK. Nervous and excited at the same time! Any of the lovely people reading this live there?

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What do artists need to know about exhibitions?

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 8, 2016, 12:34 AM
This year I'm thinking of trying something new - exhibiting my artwork! However, I have no idea how exhibitions generally work - does the artist pay the exhibitor or does the exhibitor pay the artist? If so, generally how much? Is there a usual percentage or something? What about transportation costs? Are they paid for by the artist or the exhibitor?

Does anyone on DA have experience with this kind of thing they can offer advice?

So far I've found this article which seems useful:…

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Goals for 2016 and maybe moving to the UK

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 30, 2015, 8:34 AM
So, as some of my awesome long-term watchers may have noticed, every year around this time I tend to write a journal dedicated to all the things I want to improve on for the following year. These can be found here, if you are remotely interested in everything I'm trying to improve in :)
Late New Years Resolution! Self Improvement Part 1Happy Belated New Year! And Chinese New Year! And Australia Day while I'm at it :P Yes I know it's February :P I hope all your holidays were good and you have a great New Year planned.
2011 was a pretty good year for me artwise. I feel that I've actually improved in many areas that I wanted to improve in such as:
- Detail (at least in some of my vector pieces)
- Lineart (once again, in my vector pieces)
- Photomanipulating
- Creativity (I think that's best in my traditional work)
However, as a Jack of all trades (or a wannabe Jack of all trades) there are many disciplines of art I want to learn and not enough time to learn them all in 2011.
So, I was inspired by the wonderful :iconKxhara: and in particular this deviation: to write a list of things I wanted to improve on as a belated New Years resolution featuring examples of things I want to be capable of doing as well as artists and stock that will help me! So things I would like to personally improve on in 2012:
1. D
  Self-Improvement Blog continued!Hey hey!
First of all, I would like to thank the charming :iconKneeling-Glory: for giving me this one month subscription. I feel like I've been wasting it so I'm continuing the feature which I was supposed to do a while ago :D As a continuation of Late New Years Resolution here are some other things I'd like to get better at in 2012!
I attempted to focus on perspective the other day. Didn't go so well but I found some great tutes!
An extra crease/folds tute!

An excellent Light and shadow tute! And closely related, a lineart one:

A really useful one for referencing poses!
The BASICS : Using References by Shattered-Earth
2. Specific objects I'd like to get better at drawing:
a) Comic p
  Accomplishments of 2012 and New Years ResolutionsAccomplishments of 2012 and New Years Resolutions for 2013
So, early in 2012 I made a few New Years Resolutions, all which were outlined here:

So, did I manage to fulfil all my resolutions? Heck, no. I had a lot of things I wanted to improve on and somewhat lazy to improve on all of it. But here are some things I did improve on:
Graphite drawing
Drawings before 2012:

Drawings of 2012:

I think what helped was buying a 9B pencil :P Still, I need to improve on detail, drawing the human in proportion and smoother shading. Next time I'm going to try it out on Bristol paper I heard it was quite smooth and I'm quite curious about it.
This is a tutorial on graphite blending I found useful:
Here are some other tutorials on drawing heads from different angles: head_proportions_tutorial2. by Lady2 head_proportions_tutorial4. by Lady2 :thumb327
  Accomplishments of 2013 and Goals for 2014!So, as is my annual tradition, I'll reflect on my progress of the previous year and the goals for the new year.
So, did I accomplish any of my goals?

Well, I tried out papercutting!

And I think I made an improvement in Lineart. Admittedly this is with Adobe Illustrator and you can't really see it with the colours though. Still, I'd like to be able to do lineart traditionally or with a tablet (should I ever get one).

This is also the furthest I've ever come in a DA competition - semi-finalist. Not bad, although I will have to admit the competition being restricted to Australians probably did help me out a lot.

Well, thanks to the Beyond Boundaries competition I participated in with nikkidoodlesx3 dreamswoman and spring-sky, I feel that I have improved tremendously in terms of photomanipulation techniques, composition and lighting.

Looks like I didn't write one for 2015 but my goals would have been the same - improve in everything! So, did I actually improve in anything? Well I do believe I've improved in line art :)

Lineart Improvement by Charlene-Art 
Well, this is only in Adobe Illustrator though - I hope to improve in traditional line art too in the upcoming year.

I've also learned a little bit about InDesign and book cover composition which I feel would potentially be practical in the future.

Queen of Hearts Book Cover by Charlene-Art

I actually hope to make a deck of cards about this series... one of the aims for 2016 is to have a deck completed! Hopefully I'll make it!

I also think I have dramatically improved in pastel art - although this is most likely due to an advanced range of materials. 2015 is the year I started using a wider range of colours than my set of 12 pastels as well as pastel pencils, so it may not be so much improvement in my skills but improvement due to improved equipment. Ah well.

Elephant Sunset by Charlene-Art
Teddy Bear by Charlene-Art
Liberty is Dead by Charlene-Art
The Protector by Charlene-Art ...some serious shit! by Charlene-Art Nobody calls me chicken by Charlene-Art
So, as per usual my goals for 2016 will be to improve on everything I have mentioned in my previous journals! I also have mind to start filming myself drawing and uploading some stuff onto youtube in the upcoming year. I'm actually hoping to travel and do some plein air sketches so that will be cool. We'll see how that goes. And to do that I'd like to learn a bit of film editing so that will be a new goal as well.

In terms of the many goals not accomplished I regret to say I have yet to successfully complete NanoWrimo, or actually complete writing a story :( Hopefully I WILL do that this year! I think the problem with me is that I think visually. Perhaps I should try writing it in a comic format or in script form... Goal is to finish at least one story that isn't fan fiction!

I've also got to stop procrastinating. Coming onto DA and commenting on a whole lot of deviations till I overload the system is actually a form of procrastination for me so I should stop doing that... although the art here is so inspiring and helpful sometimes!

I also managed to bank in some money on my Red Bubble Account, which is quite an accomplishment! Lol, I'm so happy when I have managed to make $20 over 2 years :P It may not be much but is a boost to the self-esteem when people actually think my art is worth buying. As a result, this year I've decided to allow my stock to be used for commercial purposes - it's only fair since I use other people's stock for commercial purposes as well.

In perhaps the more important grand scheme of things, I've decided that 2016 is the year I move out, one way or another. The Australian economy has really gone down with the mining boom and I haven't had much work lately - although to be honest I'm not particularly sad about the mining boom going down. Australia was WAY too reliant on that anyway, and we really should have diversified the economy whilst we had the chance and invested in different enterprises. But no, Australia was content with being the mining company's bitch and now we have to live with the consequences... Anyway, I've decided if I don't manage to get a job in Perth by the end of January I want to try moving and living in the UK for 2 years. I can apply for a Youth Mobility Visa before I hit 30, so I'd like to do that. That's a pretty daunting move for me. Does anybody reading this journal live in the UK at all?

I would also like to take the time to thank all my lovely watchers who have been supporting me over the last... 8 years! Wow! I'd like to thank anyone who commented on my work and gave me constructive criticism! I would also like to give a shout out to the fantastic stock artists out there and the fantastic people who write tutorials and/or are great community members that really make this place run. As some of you may note, in my previous journals there were some handy tutorials to help me with my goals in the upcoming year. I haven't done that in a while so I'll share some awesome tutorials I've discovered that I haven't featured:


Traditional Art Tutorials on DeviantArtTraditional Art Tutorials on DeviantArt
A lot of people want to learn to draw and paint better but they just don't know where to start. You don't need an expensive art course to learn and progress, sometimes the answers are not far away. On DeviantArt, artists not only share their artworks but many of them are willing to share their working secrets, they create tutorials and FAQ journals or simply answer to your notes if you ask them. When you know what you want to improve, searching for a good tip gets even easier.
ANATOMY tutorials

COLOR tutorials
  Guide to Panel Variation with The Silver Eye by LauraHollingsworth  Background Tutorial by IntroducingEmy  Tutorial Flow by Vionas   Paneling Notes by Raycchan   HOW TO MAKE YOUR ART LOOK NICE: Thumbnailing by trisketched  Tutorial - The MAGIC SketchBox by FionaCreates  Tips for Beginners MembersUPDATE artorifreedom wrote a great article about commercial work, if you want to start doing commercial work (books/cds/ etc) read the journal, find the link at the bottom of this blog.
Four years ago I created my account and literally was lost, I had many doubts, and in those years I discovered many things and decided to do a special blog with such useful information for beginners because every day brings new members who are also lost, then I am posting this to try and help in some way some beginners :) (Smile) 
Start in the community in a good way.
Be an active member and try to participate and be part of the community, participate in contests, events, make friends, make journal feature, it is always good to see people sharing works, it does not matter if you still do not have many watchers, it's always good to see works being sharing and helping promote. Post your work in groups so that
  Nsio explains: Understanding 3D by Nsio  HOW TO MAKE YOUR ART LOOK NICE: Flow and Rhythm by trisketched  PE: Developing your personal styleDeveloping your personal style
You obviously love to create, you do it often and now the time has come when you realize that this is no fling, this is something you would want to do for the whole life. You can learn a lot about techniques from numerous sources, you can find the right audience on the internet but there is one thing nobody can help you with but yourself - how to gain a specific style of your own?
:bulletpurple: What is a personal painting style?
 - It's an identifiable style that enables the viewer to determine that the artwork was done by you
 - In some cases, your style can be viewed as an extension of your personality
:bulletpurple: How can one develop it?
 - Developing your style takes time, time and time once again. Don't have the time? No style for you!
 - It's not acquirable in an art class. While it can be helpful to study by an assistance of someone who's m
  P+C Pt.3 - For What its Worth by fox-orian  PE: Contrast in Digital ArtThis article aims to introduce different kinds of ‘contrast’ in digital art, although most of the following points can also be applied to other media as well. :)
(noun) - Contrast is a principle of art. When defining it, art experts refer to the arrangement of opposite elements (light vs. dark colors, rough vs. smooth textures, large vs. small shapes, etc.) in a piece so as to create visual interest, excitement and drama.
1. Colours and Brightness
One of the first things to come to mind when we think of ‘contrast’ are colours contrasting with each other.

(The colours labelled as 'primary' are the primary colours in the RGB colour model. Primary colours of the CMYK colour model are cyan, magenta and yellow.)


HOW TO MAKE YOUR ART LOOK NICE: Color Harmony by trisketched  Tutorial #18 : A possible path on the color map by AquaSixio  A Brief Discussion On Limited PaletteA Brief Discussion On Limited Palette
            We all know that temptation when we see a pretty new colour in the art-shop, or the urge to create a mesmerizing colourful artwork while planning a painting. We then use our favourite colour(s) in full force - by means of as much as we want - and we often have more than one favourite colour....
Aftermath: A muddy or unreal canvas! Colours do not look right and did not turn out exactly as it was in our mind - not even close and harmony is far away! It turned into a visual cacophony!
            What might get wrong? A lot of things! But specially all those pretty colours you put at will!
It is not bad to paint with many colours - many big artists paint with more than 70 colours on their palette. Even we do not finish a painting in less than 10 colours - right? The difference is that the famous or big artists have mastered
  Using Colour - Colour Relativity by CaptainHarrie


Tutorial-Using Photo Reference by ThirdPotato  HEADS UP: Drawing the Head from a low angle. by NemoNova  Redline- Enhancing Reference by ThirdPotato  Nsio explains: Facial Proportions by Nsio  Nsio explains: Simplifying the Complexity by Nsio  Nsio explains: Dynamism by Nsio  Fellas Tutorial by shingworks  female body tutorial? by lihsa  Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 3 by jeinu  face tutorial by Phobs  Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 2 by jeinu  Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 1 by jeinu 

3 Point Perspective Fantasy Castle by GrimDreamArt  1 Point Grid Things by betsyillustration  04 Here's the Thing About 1pt Perspective by betsyillustration  03 Here's the Thing About 1pt Perspective by betsyillustration  02 Here's the Thing About 1pt Perspective by betsyillustration  01 Here's the Thing About 1 Pt Perspective by betsyillustration  One Point Perspective - Advanced Drawing by FionaCreates  Nsio explains: Perspective by Nsio  Perspective!A while back I made a giant ass perspective tutorial based on how I create things in perspective. It's something a lot of people tell me they struggle with  and so when I found this blog post by JakeWyatt covering his aproach to perspective I thought I'd share.
It's different to my own aproach but nonetheless useful so if you're into perspective check it out.
Hope it's useful to you :D
Also have a mini feature of Jake's work, because it's awesome.

Creating Space in Traditional ArtCreating the illusion of space
“Far beyond where the horizon lies, and the land sinks into mellow blueness...”
This lyric from one of my favorite songs in the Broadway musical “Godspell” is a great thing to keep in mind as we delve into the subject of creating space in two-dimensional art.
We know it's not really creating space; a two-dimensional surface occupies only a single plane. When we make an image, we are actually creating the illusion of space. This distinction prompted a playful piece from surrealist painter Rene Magritte, called “The Treachery of Images” ( you can look at the painting here: ).
“This is not a pipe,” it declares; it is just a picture of a pipe. We will not be creating space; just an image of space --- an illusion.
Three approaches
:bulletblue: Landscape (deep space) &
  What Ruins A Painting?
What Ruins A Painting?
(or makes it better)

            We all had those kind of paintings at some point, looking at which we felt something is not right – something is not right – But could not find it. What went wrong? We have put every finest details and all our patience in it. Then?
Art has its own science. Science that makes a successful art – something that comes out exactly you thought of and leaves the same impact on your audience. That science is known as composition in art and music. Where your eyes will go at first, how you will draw attention, how much attention you will draw – these are not luck, but pure science. A well thought designed piece is always successful. So mastering the brushes are not enough, we have to learn about the basics that make a successful art!
Hence, today, we will talk about the 'bad' elements which are solemnly responsible for rui

Line Art:
How to show variation in your lineart: part 2 by murr000  How to show variation in your lineart: part 1 by murr000  How I Did It: Inking by Petra0  Inking Tutorial by Picolo-kun  Learn Manga: Dynamic Lines by Naschi  Nsio explains: Line Dynamics by Nsio

Traditional Art:
Crayola Marker Tutorial by emilynguyenart  PE: ARTIST TOOLBOX: Water-based Media!Waterbased Media!
I love water-based media! What is “waterbased media” you say? Well that would be any kind of water-soluble ink or paint! There are many advantages to working with water-based media, the main one being that many water-based paints and inks are not extremely dangerous to work with (in comparison to oils which are not good to get on your hands people…wear gloves!), there is no need for special clean up or a specific work environment (on that note, please PLEASE do not paint with oils in your living room).  Another advantage to working with water-based media is quick drying times. This is a pro especially if you do illustrative works. A third pro to water-based media is that they are somewhat cost effective for us starving artists. Here are some types of water-based media: watercolor, ink, latex paint, and acrylic paint. My favorite type of water-based media is watercolor. Tip: you don’t need t
  Classical Oil Painting Tutorial 02 - Bacchus by Lasarasu  Pencil tutorials At Traditionalists, each month is dedicated to one traditional medium - September is for pencils. Here's a collection of 20 very nice pencil tutorials and tips.

Tutorial: How to draw hair by Cataclysm-XTutorial: Shading and Blending by Cataclysm-XTutorial: Drawing Materials by Cataclysm-XTutorial: female lips by Cataclysm-Xstubble tutorial by Svera
How to Draw Nostalgically by RaindropmemoryDraw Clouds by Diana-HuangTree tutorial 1 - a branch by yezoosTutorial: how to draw noses by Cataclysm-X
  Watercolour tutorialsAt Traditionalists, each month is dedicated to one traditional medium - July is for watercolour. Here's a collection of 32 very nice and well made watercolour tutorials and tips.
Everyone can contribute and post their own journals! How to take a part: simply send a note to Traditionalists and tell us what would you like to write about (or what art would you like to feature). We'll provide any needed help (including spell-check).
   Watercolor paper Guide by jane-beata Watercolor Techniques by JoJo-Seames Watercoloring tips by dodostad  
  Painting With A Knife!Painting With A Knife!

The Theory
You all may have seen those old masterpieces – painted in impasto techniques with rich and bold use of thick coats of colours and you have wondered how on earth they could do that.
So lets take a peek in the old masters' tools and techniques.
Today we will talk about a less used traditional technique – painting with a knife. Though it's a second most famous technique but not much artists use this technique.
Painting with a knife results in excellent textures, helps in bold application of thick rich colours, and, gives a whole new different level and style to your paintings.
Painting knives are very useful in impasto technique – both in acrylics and oils. Besides interesting textures, this certain tool gives you more control over paint and opens up a lot of ways to experiment. In one sentence, painting with a knife brings up your painting styles at a new height.
  PE: Watercolour and saltWatercolour and salt
Watercolour painting provides us with fantastic possibilities to create various textures. They can be achieved in many different ways with use of many different side components and equipment - in this article, I'll focus on salt textures. It usually takes time to get a handle of it - like everything else - but the outcome is definitely worth it.
Water and pigment
The three factors that determine the effects are the amount of water, amount of pigment and amount of salt, with the two first being the harder part. The more water you use, the more time it takes for the paint to dry and the more time the salt has to work - therefore the pigment will be pushed further away and you'll get bigger, paler spots between darker pigment borders. Less water will get you smaller, star-like
  Watercolor Techniques IIWatercolor Techniques II
Traditional Art Week at projecteducate continues! During Artist's Toolbox weeks, I've published articles dedicated to watercolor tools (Watercolor Equipment I - Basic Tools, Watercolor Equipment II - Additional Tools). Current series of articles is focusing on painting methods, previously published Watercolor Techniques I article can be found HERE. I sincerely hope these will motivate some of you to try something new and wish you all happy painting! #1
Wet-in-Wet Technique
Wet-into-wet is another versatile and popular technique where watercolor, or water, is dropped onto a wet surface. This i
  Hints and Tips #1Hello and welcome to the first instalments of 'Hints & Tips' and 
I hope these short and simple Tutorials will help boost and
inspire YOU to learn and create your own works in the many 
forms and mediums that you may work in.
SO... The first Hint/Tip is -
(lumpy or uneven surface)

1- The warped painting
2 - Turn the painting around and cover the back
with plenty of water from corner to corner
3- Place in a large hardback book between blank pages
4- Close the book and place something heavy on it and wait 
30 to 50 minutes so that the pages absorb the moisture
5- You open the book and the painting is flat

=to show that it doesn't remove paint, here is the finished piece=
I hope this helps
Bye :wave:

So what are your goals for the upcoming year?

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Congratulations to all the winners!

Category 1:

Fairytale Castle and Turrets by EveLivesey

Category 2:
Narumi #7 by LovizZ
Emerald Fairy by hyuugahinata-stock

Category 3:

Plus myself but featuring myself feels a little silly :P
  • Listening to: Take me away - Freaky Friday

1st place!

Childhood memories_Recuerdos de la ninez by Mvicen

Mvicen wins:

3 of your pieces featured in my journal
3 of your pieces constructively critiqued by me
400 points from me
1 exclusive stock pack from PirateLotus-Stock

Stock by Wesley-Souza
Llama from TheNaughtyPirate
Feature from The-Imaginarium
Feature from StockandResources 

Conjuro - Incantation by Mvicen Viajando en el tiempo by Mvicen Lady Leopardo by Mvicen

2nd place!

Autumn in a frame by K-Escarlata

K-Escarlata wins:

2 of your pieces featured in my journal
2 of your pieces constructively critiqued by me
200 points from me
Stock by Wesley-Souza
Llama from TheNaughtyPirate
Feature from The-Imaginarium
Feature from StockandResources

Autumn Charm (I heal you) by K-Escarlata Goddess Amarie - Ruler of Earth by K-Escarlata 

3rd place!

Old dreams in a frame by K-Escarlata

K-Escarlata wins:

1 of your pieces featured in my journal
1 of your pieces constructively critiqued by me
100 points from me
Stock by Wesley-Souza
Llama from TheNaughtyPirate
Feature from The-Imaginarium
Feature from StockandResources

The most elegant Predator by K-Escarlata

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated! Donors if you could please give your prizes :)

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Hi everyone!

So sorry I've been away for so long - I've been back to uni and I've been focusing on uni work and haven't been coming to this website regularly. I apologise.

So all the entrants and anyone who is interested in voting can submit a note to me. I'd like to suggest not voting for yourself but I'll let you make up your mines. So, submit a note to me in this form and I'll add up the points:

Who you think should get:
1st Place: link
2nd Place: link
3rd Place: link

For 1st place I'll assign 3 points, 2nd place I'll assign 2 points and 3rd place I'll assign 1 point. Then we shall add up the numbers and have our winners! I'll make the due date for these notes to be sent to me 9th of November 2015.

Here are the wonderful entries:
Autumn in a frame by K-Escarlata Childhood memories_Recuerdos de la ninez by Mvicen Old dreams in a frame by K-Escarlata Textile Frame 1 By Charmed Ravenclaw-d949vy9   Fra by rochele10River of Textile by zendako
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So, a feature for the pastel artists out there!

Maine Coon by Keraani Akhenaten by devonhants Squirrel - Pastel Pencil Drawing by lluvia-estival Fudgee -  Pastel Painting by AstridBruning The Rise of Love by MadEvilLydia Serenity by pamslaats Dream State by HamidM 

And now a question for the pastel artists:

So, I've been looking around to buying decent coloured and slightly textured pastel paper. So far I haven't found any I liked yet. So far I've tried Reeves (the lined texture in it is absolutely awful) and I've tried Canson Mi-Teintes (I find the texture has too many holes that show through for my liking). I'd like paper that has something for the pastels to grip to but I can do detail with. Any suggestions of brands and where to buy them?

Should I try watercolour paper?

Also, I'm going to be participating in a live drawing event for 5 hours. Does anyone have any suggestions how to prepare for that? 

Don't forget, my contest is still up!
Think in the Frame ContestHello! 
So, I was having a girl's night in with some friends and we were doing an arts and crafts night. One of my friends was making a quilt and leaving behind some cut offs. I absolutely loved the colours and the patterns of her cloths. I was a little saddened to find out that the little scraps would be thrown out. So I collected them and glued them onto cards. Eventually I was hoping to turn these into cards - and I still might do but I thought I might see what the rest of the community might do with them. So I figured what better way to do this than a contest?
So the idea is:
1. Use one of the four frames to create a piece:
2. Artwork can be traditional or digital. Heck I'll accept visual poetry and typography as well, just to throw some ideas in! I may divide categories later - depends on how man
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So, I was having a girl's night in with some friends and we were doing an arts and crafts night. One of my friends was making a quilt and leaving behind some cut offs. I absolutely loved the colours and the patterns of her cloths. I was a little saddened to find out that the little scraps would be thrown out. So I collected them and glued them onto cards. Eventually I was hoping to turn these into cards - and I still might do but I thought I might see what the rest of the community might do with them. So I figured what better way to do this than a contest?

So the idea is:
1. Use one of the four frames to create a piece:
Textile Frame 1 by Charlene-Art Textile Frame 4 by Charlene-Art Textile Frame 3 by Charlene-Art Textile Frame 2 by Charlene-Art

2. Artwork can be traditional or digital. Heck I'll accept visual poetry and typography as well, just to throw some ideas in! I may divide categories later - depends on how many entries I receive.
3. You must use the frame as a frame - that means your artwork in general should be within one of the frames provided.
4. All normal stock rules apply - Credit all stock used and see each deviation for their own stock rules etc.
5. Either comment this journal with your entry or note me you entry.
6. Due date: 1 October 2015 for now - may be subject to change depending on entries received.
7. Number of entries: Unlimited for now but may change depending on number of entries received. However only one entry by each deviant can win.
8. It is your own duty to keep up with my rules if they change.

I haven't officially decided yet but I think I will use a poll not dissimilar to my 12 pastel colours contest where each entrant gets to vote other entrants up.

So far I've just got my own prizes: donators welcome! 

1st prize:
3 of your pieces featured in my journal
3 of your pieces constructively critiqued by me
400 points from me
1 exclusive stock pack from PirateLotus-Stock

Stock by Wesley-Souza
Llama from TheNaughtyPirate
Feature from The-Imaginarium
Feature from StockandResources

2nd prize:
2 of your pieces featured in my journal
2 of your pieces constructively critiqued by me
200 points from me
Stock by Wesley-Souza
Llama from TheNaughtyPirate
Feature from The-Imaginarium
Feature from StockandResources

3rd prize:
1 of your pieces featured in my journal
1 of your pieces constructively critiqued by me
100 points from me
Stock by Wesley-Souza
Llama from TheNaughtyPirate
Feature from The-Imaginarium
Feature from StockandResources
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Last year I was also supposed to write some original fiction and participate in Nanowrimo. That didn’t happen. I think it’s partially because I was a fan fiction author and I found making the step from fan fiction writing to original writing so daunting.

The benefits of writing fan fiction

    1.    The inspiration can come to you immediately.

Lets face it, as fan fiction authors the first thoughts come when watching a movie, TV series or reading a book and going, ‘What if this happened?’ It’s easier for me to draw inspiration from there than other places to be honest.

    2.    Any from of writing practice is good.

You practice writing plots using description, action, grammar, voice and all the other devices used for telling stories. Something is better than nothing. 

    3.    There is more of a chance someone will read your fan fic online than your original fiction.

Personally, when I want to read a story online, it would be a fan fiction story. When it comes to original fiction I’m more inclined to read a book because there are more chances that it’s good, since it was good enough to be published. I would take a chance on fan fiction because I’m just obsessed with a series or the character and I just want to see them in more scenarios because I’m just addicted.

Fan fiction has the bonus of having already famous characters or settings that people know and love. People are more likely to take a chance on your work and read it for these reasons. I have also always found the fan fiction community at Fanfiction.Net is always very supportive and encouraging as a writer and I will always treasure the fan fiction community for that reason. I love getting reviews, which really help ones self-esteem and encourage you to keep going even through writer’s block.

The difficulties of moving on from fan fiction to your own fiction

My dream as a child was to grow up and become a famous author and actually getting published. So I’m trying to force myself away from writing fan fiction and writing my own things. But I’m actually struggling with writing original fiction now and I think I can identify why.

    1.    There are many shortcuts taken when writing fan fiction.

Half the work is already done for you: Someone else has already come up with a setting and created characters that people love. All you have to do is create a plot and play puppet master.

    1.2.  Lack of practice in creating your own characters and voice.

There an emphasis for canon characters to be in character. If canon characters act out of character, it is a major turn off for me. So, as an author you are stuck following a strict set of characteristics you haven’t created, which in a sense, isn’t much practice for you for character creation.

I find, that in a way, creating original characters can be somewhat discouraged to fan fiction writers. From my own tastes as a reader, I come to read fan fiction about characters from a TV show, cartoon, book or movie that I love. I don’t come for the OC’s, although if they happen to be good in a story that’s a bonus. I don’t read stories with OC’s because there’s a fair chance they are poorly written and I think some other readers are disinclined for the same reason. This is one of the reasons why I didn’t write OC’s in my fiction and partially why I’m struggling to write original characters now.

    1.3. Lack of practice in researching and world building.

The main genre I’m interested in is fantasy. Fantasy is hard when you’re trying to create your own universe. In fan fiction, the original writer has already stated the rules and regulations – you just have to follow the broad strokes. In original fiction you have to come up with the rules and stick to them.

Researching is easier with fan fiction. For fan fiction all you have to do is wiki it or obsessively watch/re-read the work you are writing fan fiction for. This is no chore but a labour of love for anyone obsessed enough with a series to write about it.

I’m currently trying to research the roots of magic to try and create my own universe, which is time-stakingly hard and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be done. I keep reading all these books and feeling I haven’t acquired enough knowledge yet, so I never get around to writing. Do you ever acquire enough knowledge? How long do other people spend researching before they write? I’ve been researching stuff since August last year. Or am I over-obsessively trying to plan it and I should start writing already?

    2.    You have to take the time to introduce characters and settings.

In fan fiction it would be pointless to re-introduce characters or the general universe they live in – people reading that fan fiction don’t need an introduction to them because all your readers already know who they are and repetition is pointless. However, in original fiction you need to introduce characters and settings to readers.



Anyway, these are my shortcomings and observations as a fan fiction author – they definitely don’t apply to all fan fiction writers and there are some wonderful fan fiction writers that come up with fantastic OCs, actually do research for their work and expand the established universe of canon wonderfully. Overall I do think my experience within the fan fiction community at Fanfiction.Net has been beneficial for reasons stated above. I will continue to read fan fiction because I still have the tendency to get obsessed with series and I still get a niggling where I want to write fan fiction but this year I’m hoping to actually write something original this year.

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This is Shit

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2014, 6:47 PM
Eurgh, I am never buying another subscription to this website unless I win it or it gets donated to me. Seriously. 

I used some of the points I won to get a 1 month's subscription here. I was expecting it to run out at the end of November. To my surprise  I had another 1 month's subscription. Then I checked my account and it automatically docked points which I did not approve of! Turns out they automatically dock you the points and you are automatically signed up for auto-rebill! This is bullshit! I didn't receive any messages, email or note-wise  about this auto-rebill when it happened! I didn't sign up for it either. 

Unfortunately I can't get the points back so I have to forge ahead with the subscription. This place is run by sharks. Jeez, imagine if I had actually purchased the subscription with money?

Skin by UszatyArbuz
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Feature for horizonred

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 1, 2014, 6:26 AM

Not too long ago I posted a journal wondering how does one create a digital folio of one's artwork (How do you create a digital folio?). A very special Deviant, horizonred went above and beyond the call and actually helped me design a folio where all I was was looking for advice. And so, to thank him for his work, here is a feature for this wonderful helping member.

New wise monkeys by horizonred

Mercyful Fate by horizonred

Alien v/s Predator by horizonred

Dave Grohl by horizonred

Pheonix by horizonred

Glam Rock by horizonred

Rise by horizonred

The city by horizonred

Cancer Tattoo by horizonred

Zombie slayer by horizonred

Concrete horizon by horizonred

...Never dies by horizonred

Death by horizonred

Lemmy by horizonred

Leo by horizonred

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I'm thinking of painting an abstract piece but I have little to no understanding what abstract art is. Deviantart's definition of an Abstract painting is: Traditional Paintings focusing on the formal, non-representational aspect of imagery, emphasizing lines, colors, generalized or geometrical forms. So, here is a feature based off that understanding:

Llegando al cielo - 2006 by andresbestardmaggio Dualidad - 2013 by andresbestardmaggio Por el cosmos - 1991 by andresbestardmaggio
I am the Night by Souzay Wave by escafan
 161 by StudioUndertheMoon Autumn Smoke (SOLD/VENDU) by escafan 
Auronach II by Narcisse-Shrapnel Passing Through by lesley-oldaker Fennel by Narcisse-Shrapnel
9 aout 2012 by Malahicha  07 12 b by Malahicha
Emerald by katdesignstudio Timberland by sagittariusgallery Under water by katdesignstudio
 Isadora by Amytea Logostan by Amytea the empty mind full of lighters by kawako198
Guildwars Mania by EvaGataArtist 
 351 by StudioUndertheMoon 223 by StudioUndertheMoon 226 by StudioUndertheMoon
White Hole 01 by SheldonChung

Some questions for those featured and anyone else who reads this journal:

What is your definition of abstract art? 

What are you thinking when you design an abstract piece? Is the main thing for you the concept or aesthetic things such as colours and textures?

I would love to heat the discussion.
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So, I'm applying for a Graduate Certificate in Art and Design and for the application requires a 15-20 page folio. I was just going to send 20 pieces of my work as an email attachment when I realised digital folios are actually things you format and design right?

So, how do you design a digital folio? What are the size dimensions and would do you put in it? Any writing? What does your cover page look like? Do you have one?

Also, if anyone could help me pick out any particular work that stands out to put in that would be good too.
 Hi! This is my feature for the King and Queen's Contest kings and Queens Contest winners and the winner are ......
Congratulations to all Winners :love: all really Deserved :clap:
first place




:winner: remake 

:winner: remake 
! Congrats to all the winners!

1st place winners:


In the Realm of Hell by Mr-Ripley


Cleopatra by HorvathKristy


The Last Queen by BBstar7

2nd Place:


Palace of the Mountain King by ErikShoemaker


King of the underworld by Kuldi


The King  of the Underworld by annemaria48

Third Place:


King of the evil by CharllieeArts


In The Kingdom of Eternal Autumn by shadeley


Queen of Egypt by Lolita-Artz

Fourth Place:


King Of A Frozen World by BenjaminHaley



Farewell My Kingdom by LeenaHill
So, I've been working as a sample receipt administrator the past 1.5 years of my life, where I've been receiving air, water and soil samples and passing them through to the lab. However I don't want to do that for the rest of my life and I see no opportunities for career progression or that job getting better. I was thinking of studying librarianship but the job opportunities in that area aren't great where I live right now. I'm also not sure on the current trend in jobs for a librarianship - are they going down with the digital age? If you have an opinion on this or perhaps even work in a library let me know.

I tried to think of other jobs I could possibly enjoy because all the others sounded boring to me. I kept coming back to the arts, after taking some online quizzes. However, I know the art industry is highly competitive and I'm not sure I'd make it as a graphic designer in such. I've also had reviews from friends who studied arts at uni and found that it killed their passion for it. So what do you think? If anyone out there actually studied art at uni and/or college did it kill your passion for it? Have you managed to successfully find work afterwards? For those who have found work in the arts do you still enjoy it?

Does anyone actually have a job they enjoy?

I'd love something that involved travel but beggars can't be choosers :P
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